About Us

Phoenix Cabin is the brainchild of it's owner, Dana, and her sweetheart Arthur.  Together, we've created a space that we love, and we hope that you'll enjoy it as much as we do!


The view of Phoenix Mountain (the massif on the left) from Mt Jefferson.


About Dana

I'm a mountain girl.  When I moved to North Carolina from the wilds of Idaho, I had to find work in the big city, but I dreamed about finding a place in the mountains.  (Also, a place to hang some enormous elk antlers that don't fit in my house! :D )

Phoenix Cabin and the surrounding area has everything that I wanted in an escape - ten private acres on Phoenix Mountain, with a creek and a meadow, cool mountain air, and clear night skies.  Nearby, we have mountains and rivers, trails and ski resorts, and some vibrant mountain towns where we can enjoy great local brews, food and hospitality.  (And finally, a place to hang those antlers!)

Come check us out, and find what YOU love best in the mountains of North Carolina!